Mercedes location: Class E

Since its last version, the Mercedes E-Class is distinguished by a more fluid and lightweight style, while still respecting the model launched by Mercedes. This car is known for its qualities of comfort, performance and reliability. The the Class E, we are certain to offer our customers a good solution for a Mercedes location with driver.

Mercedes transport online quotation

Fast and comfortable transportation

The qualities of the Mercedes E-Class make an ideal vehicle for transportation. Whether ensure the shuttle from the airport to your hotel, or go quickly to a place we can offer attractive Mercedes location offers.

Mercedes location price range

Our price range is of course negotiable and adapted depending on each situation. The table below will summarize our usual rental price for a Mercedes Location with a driver:

1 st hour100 CHF
Extra jour80 CHF
KM included200 KM
Extra KM3.00 CHF

Depending on your needs, we may offer different prices. To know the exact price of our services please complete our online form.

Booking your Mercedes E-Class

Would you like to be contacted for a free Mercedes location offer, or inquire about our services opportunities? Our form will allow you to get a free personalized quote:

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